How it Works

Giving 100% of your Donation to Charity

Pungle is derived from the Spanish word “pongale”, meaning “to contribute money.”

The Pungle platform has been designed, built and funded by people who want charities to get as much as intended by the donor, in order to help create annuities for the charities, and remove the annual burden of fundraising.

Pungle allows donors contribute to the charity of their choice, on the day everyone is giving to them, their birthday, every year, for the rest of their life.

In doing so, they, and Pungle, create much needed annuity streams  for charities that allow them to keep doing the important work they exist to do. 

Importantly for the charities, Pungle passes on 100% of the donation amount to the charity.

Given the philanthropic support Pungle has received to build and host the platform, Pungle is able to exist by adding a fee of 2.9% to cover all banking, financial, hosting and administrative fees on top of the donation.

Other platforms take up to 10% off the donated amount justified by administration, platform, payment & processing fees. We just don’t think that’s fair. 

So, if you pungle and decide to donate $100 on your birthday every year to a charity registered on Pungle, the charity will get all $100, and you will pay $102.90.

Makes sense? We hope so. Happy Pungling.