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    The platform that allows you to donate to your preferred cause, on your birthday, every year, for the rest of your life.

Any Cause. Any Amount. Every Year.

On the day everyone’s giving to you, you can give a little back.

Creates annuities for charities

Pungle has been created to give charities what they need most:  an annuity stream.

Ultimate forgetful persons birthday gift.

If you are looking to ensure you never forget your child’s-Godsons-nephews birthday again, turn them into a pungler.

It will teach children the importance of giving, and ensure you never forget a birthday!

Why do Punglers Pungle?

Your Cause/Any Cause

Any Amount

Creates Annuities
for Charities

Efficient – Do It Once

Quick & Easy

Perfect Gift

Sound good?
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Trusted by Leading Charities

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